An authentic design created using primitive techniques
All manufacturing process is carried out in our workshop. First, take a sheet of brass of 0'03in. and with the help of  
a template, we mark the shape of the wristband. Then we cut the sheet manually to get the piece.
Once we cut the piece  
begins the process of  
"martelé",  hitting with the  
hammer on iron.

In the case of this  
wristband, the hammer  
used is called Peña.

At the same time we are  
hitting, we also are  
rounding and moulding the  
piece to get the desired  
With the final shape we move to the filing and polishing. Then, when the wristband is filed and polished by the  
polisher, spend a Skothl in order to kill corners of the piece nuance and pebbles.
Once we have finished the manual process, the piece is bathed, which can be gold or silver.
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